The Right Message


The ability to deliver right message to the right audience at the right time is the key for online ads. The advertisers, agencies, clients and consultants in the online domain are always in a rush to scale the ads using all sort of advertising online.

We are more concerned to see the metrics on the ads, traffic on website, CTRs , impressions and (thanks to programmatic) to an extent audience profile. In all these metrics we forget to determine the success of the ad based on the message.

Have we ever came across situations where the ads which were appealing, targeted to the right audience, had good CTRs but were still not able to give us enough sales or conversions?

We usually hover around the below answers:

  • May be the sites targeted are not visited by our target audience
  • May be our website has issues in directing conversions
  • May be visitors could not find what they are looking for on our website

But the BIG QUESTION is – Were my ads delivering the RIGHT MESSAGE to such a highly paid right audience?

Before answering the question first let’s figure out – What should come first – ad content or the right target audience?

It is important before you start an ad that you know the right content to come on the ad and what is your intent with the ad. Once you know the ad, you can precisely chose the right audience for that. (In some cases it works vice versa but still former is preferred over latter)

The new era of programmatic buying helps you delve into audience metrics in great details(Thanks to it) but are you seeing the right results.

As profoundly said by William Gibson “I feel about programmatic: The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.”

Lets talk a bit about programmatic advertising –

  • Buy ad inventory and sell using digital interfaces
  • Audience Targeting
  • You don’t worry. Machines are working for you

So your advertising messages get to the right person, at the right time and perhaps for the right price.

But we are missing on one important note – Right Message.

What do we mean by right message?

Suppose you are a fashion company in Dubai who sells clothes to cater different audience profiles. To start there are 3 profiles below:

  • Strictly Teens
  • Mothers
  • Party Goers

Now what should be your strategy? Should you target all of them with same ads or make 3 sets of ads and test them. 3 set of ads definitely have different message. And that is the key.


And once you know the message and want to get more deep into it, make 2 variation(A/B test) and see which variation is giving you more results.

ad 2

Try this for your next campaign and let me know your feedback in below comments.