Agency-Client Relationship for Campaign Management


My first job in Digital Marketing was working Client side in an e-commerce company. As it was my first job being in digital, I gained a lot of experience being a marketing manager. After I left the e-commerce company , I joined an agency . And there it was a completely different way of doing things when it comes to agency.

Both the sides have their own pros and cons but still both can be handled more efficiently when dealing with each other. Let me discuss on the most important things when we are dealing as an agency or as a client and how we can maximize our benefits from a campaign.


Working in large organizations whether agency or client side, most of the organizations looks into segregating both the mediums.

Generally agency side, we have separate teams handing all the offline and online requirement. For a new campaign when we approach the clients we are highly focused on our division core abilities and do not involve ideation from other departments in strategy. And the campaign execution is done on the mediums we suggest to clients and the clients approach other mediums to other agency or another department.

We know the department heads of Offline Mediums will target more on newspaper ads, events and press releases. On the contrary online mediums will focus more on social media and digital buying for the clients.

Suppose there is a campaign which is a launch of a product, both the mediums will take different approach. Maximum on client request the ads /PRs will be carried on social media or vice versa. There is nothing wrong but what we have missed are the results of the campaign if we would have combined both the mediums.


Take this simple idea and see your results:

  • A press release came in newspaper
  • The PR should be tweeted from the newspaper twitter account also.
  • See the number of followers who have increased from that tweet.
  • If the tweet also has the link back to your website, then you are also helping SEO link building exercise for your website.
  • The link on the tweet will definitely add some value to the traffic on website. See the numbers.

Definitely you will see a significant difference when you do this for a simple press release.

Similarly when the marketing head/manager is working towards the campaign he should also think about how he can leverage all the mediums and tie them together.

Agencies and Clients should have integrated approach towards brands. Hence they should focus having a single agency partner for multiple channels. This will result in seamless integration across the channels as well.

Collaboration is the key

 Agencies must collaborate department internally as well to reduce costs and drive results to the clients.

Most of the world’s successful campaign have used the strengths of both side of the mediums and collaborating internally the offline and online mediums.

You can see the latest superbowl ad and how twitter has paired with TV successfully –


Below is a small workflow chart demonstrating agency and client side on the execution of the campaign

Agency Client

The last step is the most crucial. The agency and the client both should decide on the objective of the campaign and have a combined responsibility to ROI as well. During the campaign period, there should be regular meetings to see the performance. If by any chance the campaign is not performing, both the parties should have extra money saved from the overall campaign budget to look into different creative approach also.


No campaign on whether online or offline will be successful if the creative is not delivering the right message. Though in offline mediums the ad may come once or twice, for online mediums it is recommended to have 2 to 3 set of ad copies for the campaign. This will definitely boost up the performance of the campaign. Agency should have 2 to 3 ad copies for online mediums and recommend the clients initially. If the campaign is running on all mediums together, the flow should be as below –

  • Launch of the campaign ad in all the channels with an objective.
  • After 10 days change the digital creatives for the campaign.
  • Follow up ads if required on Offline mediums.
  • Measure the performance on Google Analytics to see the increase in traffic/conversions when press ads are released or any other offline activity is happening.
  • Check CTRs for Online campaigns
  • If the campaign is not performing well till half of the time period, revisit the strategy and come up with solution. The agency and client both should take the responsibility and collaborate for a solution.
  • Measure ROI in the end of the campaign.
  • Definite learnings from the campaigns should be made from both side and shared. This will help focus on other campaigns.

Execute a campaign in a more collaborative manner within the company and outside company as well. See the results and share if this way camapign execution enhanced.